Monday, February 26, 2007

no longer ahead of the game

today's learning exercise was to set up this blog. i jumped the gun a few days ago, but i've taken the intervening time to update my other blogs and get used to using the new blogger (which has changed since i started blogging in october 2001) and adjust templates and links lists and all that fun stuff. so check out my friends over there on the side and see you wednesday to register with the learning 2.0 program! for those of you wondering where all this came from, it originated at the public library of charlotte and mecklenburg county.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

the early bird gets the mp3 player

well, today is the actual kickoff of learning 2.0, so here i am all blogged up and nowhere to record my progress...i have my log sheet tucked under my mouse pad and am positively itching to learn some of the stuff on there. is there an ointment for that?

Saturday, February 17, 2007

learning 2.0

there's a training program being implemented tuesday at work. step 3 is starting a blog. i've had blog since october 2001, but it's not appropriate to register for this project, so i'm creating another to track my learning and document my progress.

there are 27 things i will have to do between now and june. i've already done many of them but there are training modules to be read and integrated and i think the process is to be stretched over several weeks.

the program has its own blog.

if i complete everything in the timeline required (by "early june"), i get an mp3 player. this may seem redundant, as i have a lovely ipod, but our downloadable audiobooks don't work with the ipod platform, so i need the mp3 player.

so there you go.
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