Friday, April 27, 2007

it's 5 o'clock somewhere

for the web 2.0 awards "thing," the first item i clicked on was fun stuff and boy did i pick a winner. i even went back to browse around a few other categories such as books, games, health, organization, retail, travel, and video just to make sure.

there were things i'd seen before and things that were brand new to me, but nothing caught my attention quite like cocktailbuilder. i used to use barbug for my "this is what i've got, what can i make?" needs, but cocktailbuilder does it far more elegantly.

type in the items you have on hand (alcohols, mixers, fruit) and it populates a list of drink names you can make with what you have, as well as other drinks you could make if you had one more thing, two more things, etc. and here's what really got me: IT REMEMBERS YOUR LIST. i closed out and went on the desk and came back and returned and it still had my list on there. i don't know if it's an IP thing or what, but i loved it. i'm going straight home and entering a true list of everything in the house. you can delete items from the list when you run out, and it will change the list of what you can make accordingly, without having to click refresh or submit or anything.

in addition to this function, you can search recipes, suggest recipes, make a list of a few cocktails to print a menu, and submit your own concoctions for inclusion. all of it happens on one screen, fading in ghostily and automatically. it's just plain groovalicious.

i may be the only person who's happy to have a reason to have the computer on for a party, but this could really be fun.


Julia Pequlia said...

Wow *hic*, thash greeaattt!

Alex said...

Hey! I'm Alex, the developer behind CocktailBuilder. I'm so happy to hear you liked it! :-) :-)

I'd love to make it even more useful - would love to hear your thoughts. Drop by at my blog, and let me know if you have any suggestions!


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