Tuesday, May 01, 2007

oh thank heaven

another thing i've done before! i've sat for hours watching 80s music videos on youtube. and cat videos. and alan davies talking about cats.

i love youtube. i can get lost in it, going from one thing to another, kind of like when i was a kid getting lost in the world book. i've seen lots of cool clips, sent by friends or the american libraries direct email, that sort of thing. and once i'm in, i may never get out. here's one i positively adored.

seems kcls could use this for a variety of things. live press releases. broadcasts of events like groundbreakings and building openings. clips of events like author readings. training modules for staff. i'd like to see them all. how soon can we start?

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Julia Pequlia said...

For some great 80s vids, go to http://kinodv.net/ArchivePortal.html for some great footage of bands like the Cure and Gang of Four playing in small Boston clubs.

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