Wednesday, May 02, 2007

invasion of the body snatchers

now we're all pod people. i, like lots of folks, originally thought podcasts were exclusive to the ipod. after getting an ipod for my birthday, i still didn't want them because i thought i would have to pay for them (i'm perfectly happy to spend dozens of hours copying hundreds of CDs, but i draw the line at shelling out a nickel).

so i was delighted to learn, with the advent of learning 2.0, that podcasts are free for all, can be played by clicking on them, and are generally not as scary as we thought!

i couldn't get itunes to open this afternoon, so i just did searches with, podcast alley, and yahoo podcasts. i had no luck at all finding library oriented podcasts that interested me (i'd just feel inadequate knowing exactly how far ahead of kcls this or that system might be on this topic). but i typed in david sedaris and found one worthwhile in each of them. i added bowl of cheese, irrational public radio, and one cunningly titled david sedaris.

rick the teen librarian at shoreline has done some podcasts of book reviews by teens on the shoreline teen advisory board blog, and that's pretty darn cool. i think other branches could try that, and there could be staff book reviews podcasted through the good reads section of the website. there are dozens of ways they could be employed. perhaps we should form a committee.

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IPR : Irrational Public Radio said...

Hey Surly - every once in a while I surf around the ol' internet trying to find out where my Irrational Public Radio project has shown up - found your blog entry. So thanks for listening/subscribing, and stay tuned as we've got more fun stuff coming up. Stay surly, stay irrational, and keep it real at the library :)

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