Wednesday, May 02, 2007

the whole reason i'm here

i would love to use downloadable audiobooks. but the ones kcls has don't work with ipods yet, so i can't. that's a big reason i'm so enthusiastic about the learning 2.0 thing, the mp3 player awarded upon completion.

see, i don't really "get" audiobooks, not like lots of folks seem to. i don't have much of a commute, and i don't process aural information nearly as well as i do written. so i couldn't justify to myself buying another mp3 player when i don't use my ipod as much as i should. but put it in the context of professional development, and i'm there!

i was surprised and delighted to find several titles by authors i enjoy actually available through overdrive right this minute. jennifer crusie, michael connelly, robert parker. i also enjoy the advanced search where i can select mystery and limit to overdrive audio book and available copies and get a list of what i can download now.

when the service was launched, many of the titles were unavailable due to use, i'm so happy to see copies available for many things. i suppose this is a sign the service is well used and continues to be supported, which is always good. i'll be counting the days till i can join our users in enjoying this service

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