Friday, March 16, 2007

and again with the feeding, oy!

- Which method of finding feeds was easiest - going to your favorite sites or searching for them?

i found searching to be difficult, as the searches were keyworded and when i put in yoga i got any mention of yoga anywhere, same with cats and a few author names, so i kind of gave up on that tactic. i remembered a blog of an author i like and added that myself.

- Which Search tool was the easiest for you? Which was more confusing?

i used the bloglines search and the google blog search and feedster. they all seem easy enough to use, i'm just not that interested in their results list. i'm interested in news sites and "authoritative" sources rather than the random ramblings of the average joe. i'll follow blogs of my friends and other known quantities, but am not seeking the random serendipity of the blogosphere. (how many monkeys are out there typing now, anyway, and have they produced any new shakespeare plays?)

- What kind of unusual feeds did you find on your travels?


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