Friday, March 30, 2007

stage fright

i got myself all signed up for librarything and then couldn't think of any books to add to it. what's worse is that going home and looking at my shelves won't help because i get rid of books i've read. the books in my house are insurance against house arrest or other disaster, as i've a terror of not having anything to read. but that's a path we don't want to go down today.

i concentrated hard and thought up a few books to add, tagged them, and thought some more about tags. i actually read the librarything blog entry comparing their tagging to amazon's and found it illuminating. i will continue to work on appreciating them, against my instincts.

i like seeing how many other people have the titles i've selected in their own listings, and will try to add titles with fewer advocates (to increase my chances of finding like-minded folks). stay tuned for the addition of a widget, meanwhile check me out.

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