Friday, March 09, 2007

mish mash mish

Ozarkland: K Carthage Press C L Snak Atak S

ok this may not seem creative to you, but anyone who knows me well knows how important spelling is and so having a source with which to spell important things (and what, really, is more important than kcls?) touches my soul. cheers.


Your Friendly Neighborhood Librarian said...

How did you put the word on your page? I love the speller too and thought it would be fun to have. And here, you've actually done it!

anglophile said...

Hey, there - could you please tell me how you got these letters to appear on the same line? My word is four letters, but are stacked vertically. I re-sized them, and there are no paragraph marks in the html -- thanks much!

anglophile said...

Hmmm, I wondered if it was because of my blog template - is it too narrow? But I tried with four letters, three letters, and two, with the same vertical results. Oh, well, onward, etc. Thnx!

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