Wednesday, March 21, 2007


can i just say how glad i am that this week's lessons were something i'd already done? thank the force for that. rather than starting from scratch, i updated my myspace profile for work appropriateness, added learning 2.0 as a friend, and i'm golden. yay!

oh. wait. i'm supposed to comment on the experience. hm. well, i got on myspace in march 2006. i think one of rick's teens badgered me into it. or one of my friends. i didn't really do much with it, just signed up and later put up a picture and later still added some more information. i guess i mostly wanted to be able to view the profiles of the boys another friend was dating.

since then a guy i went to high school with has messaged me, and i saw some frightening pictures of someone i have known since fifth grade. i'm not sure of the precise value of those experiences, but hey, it's better than calling around the country asking hapless librarians to page through city directories.

i'm glad that rick showed me how to pimp my profile, i was feeling very sad and boring and now i'm lilac and thrilling.

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