Tuesday, March 27, 2007

tasty treat

ok so i'm learning all about del.icio.us. it strikes terror into my heart. my obsessive compulsive librarian mind will not allow me to be charmed by something so messy as a folksonomy. i have my books arranged by dewey classification at home, my personal files are structured by a strict controlled vocabulary, and i'm utterly paralyzed by the little box at the bottom of every blog entry inviting me to tag it. this might not be a problem if i had a copy of lcsh on my desk, but i don't so i can't.

that said, i'm supposed to be revising my worldview for the sake of all things 2.0, yes? ok then.

i would like for there to be a live and managed del.icio.us account (is that what it's even called now?) for librarians at a branch and in a system. a place to find the nearest notary public or public fax machine on the local level; a place to collect all those links we receive in informative emails from the government documents librarian on the organizational level. this would save us scrambling around asking the staff members who live nearby if they know, or deleting the pertinent message exactly two hours before a patron inquires about that specific item.

the key to the success of this is that it be maintained. delete dead links, find new ones, fix it when ins changes their name to cis. that sort of thing.

on a personal level, it will be nice to bookmark things from an email from a friend and be able to find it again whether i'm at work or at home. cat videos, online quizzes, articles about public toilets in europe.

whew. whenever i look at that blasted tag box i just want to type in "scooters, vacation, fall" like they suggest.

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